Never before words were sparks / Never before intention had taken shape / In one word, either free or dead / Revolution is our top priority

200 years after the Greek revolution

Kalamata is the location where the Greek revolution began on March 23, 1821, againt the othoman rule. The city, inspired by the proclamation of the Messinian Senate “Warning to the European Courts”, aims at a new “revolution” of today, while focusing on all the events of the seven years long war (1821-1827), the success of which was sealed by the naval battle of Navarino (Pylos) on October 20, 1827.

“My revolution”

2021 marks the 200th anniversary of the outbreak of Greece’s Independence war. Kalamata has the opportunity to retell the story of “its own revolution of 1821”. Motivated by its military, political and diplomatic vanguard in the Independence war, we will attempt the city’s modern revolution to shape its new identity.

The celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the outbreak of the country’s Independence war

The Municipality of Kalamata, in harmony with the “modern revolution” of the city and the need for a “new warning”, has already prepared a complete plan for the celebration, which includes:

  • Municipality’s events and festivities,
  • Actions and events that are expected to be adopted and put under the auspices of state bodies (Presidency of the Republic, President and Parliament of the Greeks, “Greece 2021” Committee),
  • Events that will be suggested by citizens and other organizations.

Kalamata 2021 | The plan

The 200th Anniversary is an occasion for inspiration, introspection and development. For the Municipality of Kalamata, it is at the same time an occasion for the implementation of a development policy which will include, utilize and highlight the most important elements of our place.

Kalamata of 1821

> the first Greek city to be liberated,

> the place that announced the declaration of the Indipendence war and sent the first diplomatic and political documents to the European and American Courts,

Kalamata of today

> a fertile place that cultivates and produces products with timeless flavors and value,

> a place that produces culture and a birthplace of world-renowned persons,

> a place of development, caring for the upgrade of the life of its inhabitants,

> a place honoring the anniversary of the National uprising, looking to the future.

Emblematic actions

1. The Anniversary through artistic events

The Municipality of Kalamata and the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Kalamata “FARIS” with its departments are preparing a series of artistic events and activities dedicated to the 200th Anniversary from the Greek Revolution.

  • 27th International Dance Festival (July 16-25, 2021) – “The revolution of the body”
  • Municipal Regional Theater of Kalamata – A theatrical play dedicated to Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece.
  • Kalamata Symphony Orchestra – “Speaking about liberty” – Four original works of symphonic music inspired by the National Liberation War of 1821, in dialogue with works composed in 1921 for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Revolution. There will also be presented works of the National School of Music.
  • Kalamata Philarmonic – “Kalamata Liberata” – An opera in three acts.
  • Arts – Exhibition with works by the Greek painter Christos Bokoros.

2. Forum of diplomacy and international relations

The Municipality of Kalamata is organizing the first international “Forum of diplomacy and international relations” in Kalamata and Pylos (October 17-20, 2021), in parallel with the celebration of the naval battle of Navarino on October 20, 2021.

Forum objectives:

Diplomacy 1821

  • European and international environment of the 18th-19th century, secret diplomacy, shaping the conditions of the Revolution of 1821, internationalization of the Revolution, loss of control of the “guarded” new state (country).
  • The importance of the Greek Revolution as the first successful national liberation movement and the establishment of the first nation-state in the 19th century Europe.

Diplomacy 2021

  • Diplomacy in the 21st century. Digital/Smart diplomacy, The identity of a Nation, Public diplomacy, Policy development.
  • Dealing with the effects of climate change. Managing pandemics.
  • Soft power, making the culture attractive, the sense of value of a nation. Civil society diplomacy.

3. The olive oil of ’21

A timeless world-famous product of Kalamata’s region. The Municipality of Kalamata aims to promote it as a diplomatic medium. The plan is aw follows:

  • Olive oil production from perennial olives in the area, older than 200 years.
  • Design and production of 1,821 numbered bottles with the “Olive oil ’21”, packed in a special celebration package for the anniversary.
  • Sending and delivering the celebration packages to personalities of politics, diplomacy, science and art around the world, as a national diplomatic medium.
  • Scheduled events to present the Olive oil ’21 in Athens and Kalamata.
  • Parallel actions including seminars for producers, intelligent agriculture, olive oil tasting events and training for consumers, gastronomy and mediterranean diet etc

4. Light sculpture

A light sculpture (monument) inspired from the phrase of P. Mavromichalis “η μήτηρ μας Ελλάς δια της οποίας και υμείς εφωτίσθητε” (our mother Greece through which you were also enlightened). The phrase indicates the influence of ancient Greek culture in Europe.

A large-scale work of art will be created and installed downtown, as a monument for the 200th anniversary from the Greek Revolution.

On the day of the unveiling of the sculpture, the simultaneous illumination of buildings in cities related to the Revolution, in Greece and Europe, will be sought, in order to symbolize in this way the transmission of “light” from ancient Greece to the western world and from the European Age of Enlightenment to the Modern Greek Age of Enlightenment, which contributed to the National Greek Revolution.

5. Roads to Freedom (Liberation) 1821

In June 2018, a journey connecting the historical, cultural and social elements that contributed to the Liberation of Kalamata (March 23, 1821). Through roads (paths) of history and culture, the opportunity is given to highlight the area of Kalamata, its mountainous and coastal villages, the protagonists of the National war of liberation but also the tradition that is maintained and revived to this day.

The Roads to Freedom starting for the Messinian capital revive the flame of March 1821 that led to the Greek Revolution.

The program “Kalamata 1821; Roads of Freedom” is implemented within the framework of the OP. “Competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation” of the Ministry of Economy and Development and which has been selected as an emblematic project, by the institutions:

  • Research consortium of the University of Peloponnese (coordination)
  • Public benefit enterprise of the Municipality of Kalamata “FARIS”
  • View Master films S.A. (company)

6. Commemorative medal 2021

The Municipality of Kalamata and the Mayor of the city Mr. Athanasios Vasilopoulos took the commendable initiative to issue a commemorative medal to honor and celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the beginning of the Greek Revolution of 1821. With this medal, the city honors its glorious past, envisioning a bright future.

The artist who undertook the creation of this medal is the well-known Messinian sculptor Mr. Panagiotis Lambrinidis, specialist scientist, with a teaching work it the Sculpture Department of ASFA Athens and Artistic Director of the visual arts department of “FARIS”, who rendered in an ideal way the details that highlight this great event of Greek history.

The medal is bilateral and will be available in a limited number of pieces. The net weight if about 140gr and the dimension of 70mm.